juicy stuff!

I am always on the hunt for new fun cafes and smoothie bars.

Now I found one that sounds pretty much perfect! The place is called Joe & The Juice and the concept is originally from Denmark.

Boo for the fact that they don’t have a cafe here in Helsinki – but YAY for the fact that they do have one in Stockholm… cause I’ll be going there next week! In addition to Denmark and Sweden, they also have cafes in the UK (in London) and in Germany.

I read that they are known for their “friendly staff that consists of young guys who like to sing to the background music…”. Nice – some singing & a smoothie – I likey like! (unless they sing real bad… hehee… Though that could be entertaining!)


And by the way, as I am on this subject of smoothies, cafes and all… I still crave more good smoothies cafes to Helsinki. (Any great tips?)

I think there are few “okay” places but not any “wow” ones…


Here’s some things I would love to see at a cafe of my dreams:

First off, good cafe food & drinks of course.

Smoothies done using fresh, organic fruits/berries and other goodies + sweet treat-style smoothies (like the pic). Great coffee. 


Fun decor 


Great music + live gigs at times


An outdoor terrace


Those things would be a pretty good start… Just add super friendly staff to that and I’d be a very regular customer!

I do have my very own perfect smoothie bar… at my house! The staff, music and smoothies here never fail (hehee),

♥ Viola

pics: Pinterestquirkychic.mequirkychic.me,  soul-surfer.tumblr.com, stockholmabout.com


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