the darker side of life


Wellabe’s spirit is all about lifting up the positive side of things up and seeing the good in life.

But being positive doesn’t mean you cannot face up to the darker side of this world as well. Cause we need to do that so we can change things.

If there is one thing that raises my blood pressure and makes me out-of-the-charts mad, it is all forms of bullying, disimissive attitudes and looking down on others – for whatever the reason.

So this speech made an impact on me:

Also, if you want to be moved and remember how fortunate most of us really are by having the lives we have, I recommend watching this movie:

In addition to Precious, Life is Beautiful is one of those must-watch, eye-openening movies. Be prepared to cry and smile at the same time:

let’s make this world more beautiful and precious through our attitudes and actions,

♥ Viola



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