I got an award!

Yay, I got my very first blogging award recently, from a very lovely finnish blogger Kaisa! Kaisa has her own fun blog Being Alive where she writes about musicals… She is truly an expert on the subject and her blog is a great place for anyone interested in musicals – and who wouldn’t love a bit of do-re-mi or singing in the rain in their lives? (Unfortunately for you non-finnish readers, her blog is in finnish!)

Okay and now onto the award (I feel so fancee saying award, hehee) I got from Kaisa, which is called Very Inspiring Blogger Award!


She said these lovely and kind things when “handing” over the award (she gave it to me and one other finnish blogger):

“Viola, who makes the world a better place and cheers up your day on her Wellabe-blog”

Now let me tell you, these words made me so childishly happy! THANK YOU Kaisa!

With the award I was also given a task, to tell seven things about myself… Sooo, let’s get started! And as I like random facts, these will be precisely that.

1. I used to not like sports at all and these days I exercise daily. And I LOVE it… Things change, oh yea!

2. As a kid I loved to draw. I really mean true loving here. I drew all the time, mostly people. Lately I have slowly started to draw again, and I am hoping to rekindle this passion because I want to feel that artsy flow again. 

3. I couldn’t imagine a day without music. I sing (all the time), play the piano (poorly, but I don’t mind) and want to start learning playing the guitar (I manage the basic chords). I also dream about playing the ukulele (at the beach, preferably). Someday I wish to be part of a band that would do cool gigs at small cafes and indoor gardens… No Lady Gaga-like mega shows needed, just some grooving under twinkly lights or a starry sky… That would be my kind of a bliss!

4. My favorite food right now is anything with eggplant. Or fresh berries.

5. I love the color of minty green. And buttery yellow. Crisp white shades and beachy tones are also a hit at my house. But my fav colors change – sometimes it might be cool greys and peaches and then neon orange and khaki green shades… But my love for color never fades.

6. I used to be really scared to be myself, I was so afraid I wasn’t good enough. Now I don’t care about what I “should be like”, cause I have realized I am  the creator of my scene, the builder of my life “stage”. What I pick to have on that stage is up to me – and I won’t make it someone else’s play – not on my stage! And on this stage  of mine, some main “actors” are; good people, great music, lots of smoothies, travels, smiles, genuine vibes, open minds, humor, arts, bikes, running shoes and yoga mats, crazy dancing and giggling like nobody’s business.

7. I love the outdoors. Running in the woods vs. running at the gym… well, you guess what I would choose… I am also very much concerned about the state of the nature and climate change. These are issues I hope to work with in the future. 

Alright, that’s my seven facts!

And now onto the fun part… I get to give the award to someone… And my “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” goes to…


First I thought that I should give this award to someone not already so hugely popular, but then I thought no, I really want her to receive this – because Kandee Johnson is the very first blogger I started following! (as an eternal make-up lover she really made an impact on me!)

Her make-up tutorials on Youtube are amazingly good and she blogs about beauty in a fun way that makes it all very sparkly-like! She is really like the californian sunshine in a human form. Plus she is a Vitamix-lover, which makes me like her even more (hehee)…

So there is goes, my award is off to Kandeeland!

I am celebrating my award with some fresh strawberries right now!

♥ Viola


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