Before I die


To understand this post, watch this clip first:


So, what do you want to do before you die? 

Before I die, I want to (to name a few things):

– ride a vespa in Italy

– cuddle my dog daily (a dog that’s yet to come)

– record an album

– travel, travel, travel

– learn how to play the guitar & ukulele

– buy a horse

– learn one dance style really well

– live near a beach

and so on…

The thing is – don’t let this be just a list…

Write down your dreams, goals and desires and start treating them like a super fun to do-list, and then start checking off boxes like a dream achiever-ninja. Because time is precious and that’s why it’s good to put these things on paper – to make them more real, more close to you and easier to grasp.


No dream is too big but remember to keep your mind open when writing down your desires. “Marry Ryan Gosling” is maybe better to write down as “Get married with the amazingly kind and sexy man-of-my-dreams” – to leave some room for life’s magic to happen…

Have fun writing your lists wellabees! ❤

 Life is pretty darn amazing, so treat it like it deserves to be treated: with crazy big dreams, can do-attitude + a charming smile,

♥ Viola

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