Just call me Mrs. Avocado

Kuva 1

Yeah, I sure love my avocados! Ahh – I think they are one of the most perfect things in this world… But all you avocado lovers know the feeling of disappointment when you avocado is hard as stone and just raw or way too ripe… Oh the sadness!

But today I found a way to include my way-way-too-raw avocado into my pasta dish! I actually tossed the cut avocado onto my sauce pan with some spring onion and garlic and tadaaa – a perfect pasta topping was born!

The recipe sounds something like this (I eyeball everything so writing recipes is really challenging sometimes):

Summery avocado pasta

some pasta of your choice / soba noodles

1 avocado

some spring onion

a garlic clove

fresh lemon juice

black pepper

himalayan sea salt

a dash of pesto on top

1. Cook your pasta. Remember to add a good amount of salt to the cooking water by the way!

(They say the water where you cook your pasta should be as salty as the Mediterranean.)

2. Cook your onions, garlic and avocado in your sauce pan with some oil on medium/low heat. 

Kuva 2

3. Mix the cooked pasta with your toppings.

4. Add lemon juice, salt and pepper.

5. Toss the pesto on top and you are ready to EAT!

PS. If your avocado is not too raw like mine was, don’t cook it! Rather let all the vitamins and good stuff stay in there. The heat doesn’t destroy all of them but a big part is sadly gone with the wind – or should I say cooking steam – when you heat the avocados on the sauce pan. But still, I find this to be a good way to use your avocado when it’s way too raw for anything else.

If my dream guy would be a fruit, he’d be… well you know it by know,

♥ Viola

pics: from Wellabe’s Instagram

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