skinny love?


Umm, I dare to disagree with this picture! I can name a thousand things that taste a lot better than just being skinny… In addition to many food items I think there are things like life, laughter and having fun that taste way yummier than a skinny body would ever do on its own.

So let’s be wildly disagreeable with the media’s idea of body beauty and this skinny love illusion that is still sadly very much shown everywhere around us…

Life is way too fun to be wasted on counting calories and trying to fit into a certain “ideal” weight… Need some inspiration to drop that negative self talk and just realize how big this skinnylicious illusion we are being fed really is? See what a real life photo shoot of a gorgeous yoga teacher looks like. There’s even – gasp – cellulite!… This woman looks so beautiful and rocks the photos just by being herself and loving her yoga flow. Not that is the kind of kick ass body love that tastes so very much better than just being skinny. 

live is not meant to be skinny on joy,

♥ Viola

PS. Though the skinny love stuff going on is not something I dig, I do love this song with the same title:


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