This sucks!


Just recently I had some kind of an epiphany… I kinda wanna save you from the personal details (cause don’t we all have enough personal stuff  going around in your heads already?), let’s just say I realized something about myself and it wasn’t all good… But you know, those are really the best kind of realisations. When you admit that you suck at some stuff – you are onto something big.

(Check out “What do you suck at” exercise from Danielle LaPorte’s site.)

For me admitting my general weak points is also a good reminder of admitting all of my emotions, also those that suck. Cause you have those moments – we all do – when you feel like something, someone or how you are feeling – is very much a “This sucks!” kind of a situation.

But it’s good to see your weaker points and your darker shaded feelings more clearly at times. Those things bring you more near to your desired feelings (those you really want to feel) and your strongest traits, the ones that are part of the reason why you rock. After you’ve done this little soul-searching trip – it’s time to let go.

Let go of habits that don’t bring you joy, choose to move towards people and happenings that are more you and say no-no to the ones that just don’t feel right. Be open. New possible beginnings can start every second of every day.

But after letting go, do remember that negative feelings and our weaknesses are there for a reason – to remind us what we really are and what we want. (because they will always come back – cause we need them to grow)

So negative emotions they can actually be pretty positive in the end. Kinda cool, huh?

This video is a TED Talk by Brene Brown and I just love this speech. It’s about vulnerability, which for me is very much in sync with being clear about all that you need to stay open and honest, and that way find so much good. And first, you need to “lean into the discomfort” (like said in the clip):

even sadness is good at times – feeling joy feels like sunshine after a few tears,

♥ Viola



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