my lover and me (+ a juicy recipe)




Summer makes me forget everything else around me – like a lover does sometimes… So sorry about not posting a lot lately but me and my lover are kinda buzzy, enjoying everything we find around us in the summery city…

I do have one thing to share, my newest love in a drinkable form. It’s a juice I make with my Vitamix whenever I can.

It is very simple and oh so good for ya summery state of mind…

Juice it up!

1-2 apples

2-3 carrots

some kale/cabbage

lemon juice (half a lemon)

good chunk of cucumber

some fresh mint

– Blend everything in your blender (or make into juice in your juicer if you have one).

Separate the juice from the pulp.

– Say “Helloooo, liquid lover…” and drink it up.

gulping down summer,

♥ Viola

3 thoughts on “my lover and me (+ a juicy recipe)

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