Cup of sunshine / DIY project

Hey you lovely ones! And sorry about the absence – summertime, fun people and dating Mr. Sun have kept me a bit buzzy lately…

But today I have a fun project to share with you guys. It is a super simple DIY-project that will make your mornings shine a bit brighter… You get to be creative plus it does not cost more than a few little euros/dollars. (depending of course how fancy you want to go with the quality of your coffee cup)

All you need for this project:


– a Sharpie -marker (or a similar kind of a permanent marker)

– a white coffee mug/cup

(whatever you wanna call it… And whatever color you want! I am an eternal lover of simple whiteness)

How to do it:

1. With you marker, draw/write whatever your choose on your cup.

2. Bake your creations for 30 minutes at 175 C / 350 F, to make your artwork permanent.

3. Allow your new cup babies to cool completely before using them.

IMG_2814 - Versio 2

Pssst! If you need inspiration, check out these pretty diy-dinnerware sets. And some gold loveliness found here.


IMG_2811 - Versio 2IMG_2824



♥ Viola


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