everyday enchantment

Fun stuff happening!


I now have a new blog called Everyday Enchantment.

I created this blog because I felt like I wanted Wellabe to focus more on just the well-being side of things and create another space where I could share lifestyle oriented posts and chitchat about everything cool and exciting.

So all you lovely wellabees, I warmly welcome you to become a part of Everyday Enchantment! And by liking the blog on Facebook you’ll get bonus tips and updates via FB.

With that said, let’s get back to Wellabe… And today I just want to share a quick well-being reminder:

Remember the importance of COLOR.

Color on your plate. I read a book about Audrey Hepburn and there was a little chapter about her diet philosophy – her theory, shortly put, was; “It isn’t very interesting to eat a plate full of white, therefore it can’t be very good for you either.”

Color in your life. Have a glass of bubbly on a Monday. Buy flowers for no reason. Sing way-too-loud to your favorite song. Watch a stupid movie that makes you laugh hysterically.

Color in your closet & on that pretty face of yours. I love black and a black wardrobe is surely cool, but if you only wear clothes from one end of the color palette maybe a brighter lipstick or a scarf could be your thang? Not only a mood lifter, but wearing color around your face is more flattering than black – though it’s a rocking kind of a choice to be all blackie, it wears out most skin tones.

And a tip on how to make that plate of yours more colorful, maybe try something new in your salad like I did (in the form of hummus, pea pesto and other goodies):


colors up!

♥ Viola

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