A short and simple post about a great love of mine… The avocado.

I just know that our lovestory with Mr.Avo is the kind that will last forever and ever…and beyond. I simply don’t know how I could ever get tired of the loveliness of this green, delicious fruit. Ahh, even writing about my A-buddy makes me wanna eat one right now. Maybe with just a dash of salt on top… and a little lemon juice. Or as guacamole… Or as a lovely summer soup. Or in a salad…. Or in the form of my-very-favorite-thing-to-eat right now:


Avocado Toast

a slice of toast/bread of your choice

a drizzle of virgin olive oil

half an avocado

himalyan sea salt

a squeeze of fresh lime/lemon juice

basil on top (garnish)

IMG_2341 - Versio 2

– Drizzle some good old olive oil onto your bread (that can be toasted if you so desire)

– Smash the avocado onto the bread with a fork.

– Add a pinch of salt on top. Then squeeze the juice on top (just a bit of it).

– Throw a bit of basil (or some other fresh herb) on your toast.


For a tip on how to use raw avocados, check out my pasta recipe.

Kuva 1

happy ever after with my Mr. Avo,

♥ Viola

Ps. If you want to turn your toast into a more filling lunchie sort of a sandwich, you can add a fried egg on top. Yum.



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