missing Whole Foods


I miss Whole Foods – badly. I love that store in a crazy passionate way that only other healthy food junkies can understand. I miss the products, the packaging of the products, the aisles (filled with happy people skipping merrily with their carts – at least in my mind), the chocolate-section, the coffees and teas, the salad bar, the smoothies and juices… Yeah I guess you could just say I miss everything about it!


(above you can see some of my fav greens from WF, and below my favorite pickles and the uh-no-my-butt-is-gonna-be-huge-soon coconut&peanut spread which should be illegal cause it’s so good)



In addition to these products some of my very missed WF-goodies are; The Alter Eco quinoa chocolate (please be my sponsor!), So Delicious coconut ice cream and this kombucha.


Could someone please bring Whole Foods to Finland?

I will visit everyday,

♥ Viola


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