a thing called romance



Some days you may feel like the lady in the pic above, that is if you are single – or maybe your relationship isn’t totally blooming with romance right this moment today.

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 11.13.21 AM

Those days you might find yourself in that “I will never find anyone”-cycle of thought. Or “he/she just doesn’t get me” might be the phrase if you are with someone. I will not go into the whole power of thought-concept here, because I hope you do know that those phrases are bullshit (and by changing your thoughts you can change the whole way you look at life) and you do deserve amazingly good things and piles of mushy romance.

I will just advice you to say “whatever” on a day you feel not so amazing about the romance levels in your life and use these tips to perk up your day and lift up your faith in romance:

1. Watch a movie. Preferably a romantic one. (if you are one of those cynical people who hates romantic movies/romcoms, well I just gotta say… You are missing out dude!)

I recommend:

-Notting Hill

– You’ve got mail

– Sleepless in Seattle

– PS. I love You. 

– The Holiday

– Love Actually

…I could go on but maybe you get the genre I am going for here. Mushy!

2. Eat good ice cream. I don’t normally touch almost any dairy products, because my body ain’t a fan, BUT I do make an exception with ice cream. Favorites are: Ben & Jerry’s, homemade banana ice cream and coconut ice cream, like this one. (not available here in Finland though. Boooooo.) And though there isn’t any scientific evidence on this, I actually am pretty sure that ice cream does contain some kind of a soothing particle that relieves heartache and emotional stress.  (Can I get my Nobel now?)

Though eating to help you get over something you are feeling isn’t normally good or something I would advice doing – I just kinda think ice cream is special and eating a pile of greens just doesn’t work as well. Sorry kale.


3. Dance and sing to Alicia, to good old Arctic Monkeys or maybe to this awesome track by Of Monsters and Men. Bounce like your butt’s on fire and feel the stress melting.

4. Watch this:

….and the world feels a lot better again.

5. Read a good book. Reading is underrated these days, which is really a shame. Reading a great novel/whatever kind of book you fancy that day takes you out of your own thoughts into a totally new setting, a fresh world with boundless new views. Try it, you may get hooked. I recently read And the mountains echoed and I felt like the story really took be next to those mountains – this book was fascinating. 

6. Sweat in any form you wish to do it, I prefer running. (and after a run/other form of exercise, it’s nicer to wonder to that pint of ice cream) Clears your head better than anything. And often I found my problems to be way smaller than I though after a workout.

And a final reminder – whether you are looking for that Mr. or Mrs. or just otherwise crave more romance in your life – remember, there are people/happenings like this out there… This clip is an oldie but oh-so-goodie:

♥ Viola

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