When I was a kid…


If I’d only known that one day, all grown up, I would…

… meet people who would charm me with their spark – only to leave me alone when I least expect it.

… break my heart. Several times.

… cry my eyes out with sorrow more scary than any monster out there.

… lose my greatest (furry) friend ever, which I at the time had yet only dreamt about.

… feel like all alone in the world. All alone.

… not get the thing that I most wanted.

… find out that boys can be really, really mean.

… have a friend and make heart-shaped promises of a lifelong friendship…. Then loose the friend.

If I’d only known these things – maybe I would not have wanted to grow up. Like ever.



But then again – if I’d only known that one day, all grown up, I would…

… meet people that would charm me – time and time again… And never leave my side.

… find out that your heart heals, even after the biggest of bumps in the road.

… giggle my ass off, daily. (grown ups giggle too!)

… have the most sweetest & wisest furry friend. And yes, one day I would have to let her go – but knowing that I got to know the dog with a heart of gold and a nose tip cuter than anything else in the world.

… find a friend. Keep a friend.

… not get the thing I most wanted. And later realize it really wasn’t what I wanted after all – and then getting something way better, something I didn’t even know existed.

… find out that boys are, in the end, so damn cute.

… that I would feel lonely, more than once… Only to realize that love was just around the corner.


… Knowing all that, I think I would’ve said… LET’S GROW UP ALREADY!

♥  Viola

pics: Pinterest


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