Delicious blogs ahead!

I love blogs, especially food, style and home decor-related ones. Lately I have been rushing around with a pace that hasn’t really allowed me to dive into the amaxing depths of the internet and search for new blog world goodies… But today I had a moment to do just that!

So, these cuties are my newly found blog gems:

Cake Maker to the Starsa lot of pictures of Ethiopian food, makes me wanna dive into new recipes!

(all pics from the blog)


Post Punk Kitchen – How have I missed this one? Since my daily eating habits are very close to being a vegan, I love place where I can find recipes that match this criteria. So I have no idea why I haven’t bumped into this blog way earlier!

(all pics from the blog)



This blog is one that I already knew of before, but if some of you haven’t yet heard of My New Roots – check it now. Healthy eating made sexy… Just look at the Raw Brownie below. Oh my.

(all pics from the blog)


blog ’till you drop,

♥  Viola


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